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How Is Codeless Test Automation Changing Your Testing Process!

Relying on software for all the API and CI testing is but needed. But what is forgotten is that need to integrate the software with the latest technologies like AI and ML and drives the best of results. Currently the codeless test automation platform is serving the best to the audience in crafting automated testing processes and integrated data designing.

Businesses looking out for a robust codeless test automation platform should seek for the features that truly add value.

Business process blue print

Software must have the facility to hold the business process blueprint which serves as the ready guide to test automation. It is the roadmap to highlight the areas which needs assistance. Therefore the blue print aids in the quality cycle check automatically throughout the life of the tests being done. They implement a rather smart system of tracking the possibilities.

API testing

The most robust of accelQ test automation tools enable the check on the API testing and front-end test facilities. It allows for 360 degree coverage of the embedded data on the server. There is an automated way to seek validations for API and run the testing without making the complexities of the pre-coded analytics.

Active Dashboard

For a user to understand the aspects of the tools under control, a lively and active dashboard is important. Here the dashboard accounts for all the SDLC status, running tests, delivery of the action, new data recorded etc in one platform. The dashboard needs to be dynamic enough to hold all the information in an understandable way!

Classified data management

For running special tests there isnt a need to run the test on the entire semantic! Through simplified and classified data management it is possible to get set new records for the test under run. Here the reference shall be made on the classified data and not just the actual data to check. The process therefore is faster and smarter.

Sensitive data management

For execution of the tests for sensitive data environment, the system enables running check on the set of data that are sensitive. The test data can be divided into multiple variants and be run seamlessly on the app to get a thorough check. This helps for a rather simplified check on data that might matter the most.

Codeless testing automation tools are designed with effectiveness to meet needs much like one would like in a coded one. Here there are better tools to assist!

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